How To Minimize Risk On Your Vacant Property In Lancaster, PA

Do you have an empty house in the Lancaster area? Vacant homes can be a real concern and potential problem for numerous reasons. Insurance companies know this and therefore even charge higher rates for houses which are unoccupied. Rocket Mortgage says the following about vacant homes and the reasons for higher insurance rates due to risk.

Vacant homes are a greater insurance risk because, without someone there to watch over the property, the home is more vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism. And because there is no one there to discover water or report a fire early on, the home may incur more damage from things like a burst pipe, fire or natural disaster because early intervention was not possible.”

Common Problems Vacant Homeowners Face in Lancaster.

Property crime



Injury liability

Property costs and city fees

In addition to the higher risks of crime or damage mentioned in the article from Rocket Mortgage, other concerns have become more pressing in recent years due to squatters and lease or rent scams. Let’s take a deeper look at this risk and some advice on avoiding these criminal actions. There are many reasons you may end up with a vacant house that you need to protect or sell. Houses can end up vacant if there is a serious illness or death, a divorce, or job loss.

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How Rental Scams On Your Vacant Lancaster Property Can Happen To You

Recently, a realtor described how the rental fraud operates. According to her, the burglars arrive to the abandoned house in a moving truck or a fictitious residential repair van similar to one that a plumber or electrician would use. At that point, the neighbors are unaware. You could be locked out of your own home if thieves rapidly replaced the locks after drilling out the old ones.

The residence can then be listed for rent on Craigslist or other social media sites and marketplaces using images from prior postings or even Google maps. They could even take a prospective renter to see the house. You, the real owner, cannot make the renter leave after they sign forged documents and move in. The renter is shielded despite being a victim of fraud. You must endeavor to identify the perpetrators of this crime so that, if you can, you can file a lawsuit against them. It quickly turns into a tremendous mess.

How to Prevent Rental Scams on Your Vacant Property in Lancaster

Rental scams are expanding along with the growing demand for rentals as con artists continue to extort money and personal information. According to this article, a vacant home in Lancaster was advertised for rent and the owner had no idea about the advertisement. In order to help unoccupied homeowners avoid rental scams, the Better Business Bureau offers some excellent tips. Here are some of the types of tips they provide.

Recommendations for Owners of Vacant Homes in Lancaster County:

Maintain the Property

Unwanted guests are frequently discouraged from approaching a property by a well-kept lawn, house, or establishment. Install automatic sprinklers, contract with a dependable neighborhood lawn care company to visit frequently and maintain the contact information for a dependable repair person within easy reach.

Find a Trustworthy Neighbor to Help

Request that they check on the property on a regular basis. If someone needs to let a repair person or the police into the property, having a key is also far safer for them than utilizing a lockbox. If your neighbor notices anyone on the property, even maintenance workers, ask them to let you know immediately.

Maintain and Monitor Your Alarm System

Consider installing a camera doorbell that can take pictures of anyone entering the building in real-time.  If a monitored alarm system is not affordable, provided you have internet access at the property, you can purchase cameras that screw into a lightbulb socket, have motion detection, lights, and more. You can also add motion sensitive flood lights. If you are not an electrician, you can also purchase motion and light sensitive adapters for your existing outdoor lights.

Pause the Mail Delivery

A mailbox overflowing with junk mail suggests no one is home and can pique interest in passersby. Forwarding or altering the address to your new address or a P.O. box only costs a small amount of money.

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Regardless of their age, condition, or length of vacant status, we purchase vacant homes in the Lancaster County area. Even if your property has unfinished construction or unpermitted work, or has been vacant for a long time and has sustained substantial damage, we are interested in buying it from you. We have acquired a large number of old or vacant homes over the years, and we are enthusiastic about helping homeowners solve the vacant property issue once and for all by offering a reasonable cash price for the home.

We at Awakened Property Buyers are well known in the community for being trustworthy and fair. More information on how we work with homeowners is available. Perhaps you’re considering your choices since your house requires significant repairs but is still occupied. We would be excited to speak with you more, provide guidance, or make you a free, no-obligation cash offer on your house. There are no hidden fees, commissions, or closing costs when working with us. Speak with one of our educated and helpful professionals by calling us at (717) 925-7465 right away.

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