4 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Home In Lancaster Due To A Health Crisis

Often when people find themselves under pressure, they tend to make quick decisions, use poor judgement, and make mistakes. This can certainly be the case when facing a major health crisis or a long recovery from an accident. Other than the health crisis itself, another major stress during this time revolves around finances. Perhaps the … Continued

Two Main Options for Selling Your Home In Lancaster When Facing Chronic Illness And Disabilities

Anyone suffering a long-term physical illness or looking after a relative with such, will be acutely aware that their needs can vary day-to-day, and month-to-month. Some conditions sadly progress to the point where sufferers need occupational health adjustments or disability aids such as stairlifts, handrails, ramps, or ceiling hoists installed in the home. However, some … Continued

Ways To Avoid Foreclosure In Lancaster, PA

Nobody wishes to lose their house, yet circumstances can change, and financial obligations can accumulate. If you are unable to make your monthly loan payment and there are no equity gains to balance it, the bank may seize and sell your house prior to the loan term expiring. You may find yourself momentarily homeless and … Continued

Do I Need To Make Repairs To Sell My House In Lancaster, PA?

The short answer is no. We are local Lancaster PA cash home buyers who deal with homeowners who need to sell quickly. The homeowners with whom we’ve worked have a variety of reasons for requiring a quick sale. However, one of the reasons is that the property has been neglected and in disrepair and they … Continued

5 Hacks to Help You Move With Less Stress in Lancaster

It’s finally time to get started packing to move! If those words make you cringe and the days are flying by before your move, it’s time to take a break and plan better. While the ultimate destination may be exciting, emotions can run high as you say goodbye to a house you once knew; saying … Continued

4 Common Mistakes Home Sellers Make In Lancaster

Selling your home can be a daunting task. Especially if you have an older home, a home that needs updating or repairs, or you are trying to get the most money out of it as you can as soon as you can.  Sometimes these situations can lead to hasty and bad decisions. When homeowners make … Continued