4 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Home In Lancaster Due To A Health Crisis

Often when people find themselves under pressure, they tend to make quick decisions, use poor judgement, and make mistakes. This can certainly be the case when facing a major health crisis or a long recovery from an accident. Other than the health crisis itself, another major stress during this time revolves around finances. Perhaps the crisis causes a job loss or excess medical bills.  These two situations combined can be a formula for mistakes.

Mistakes To Avoid When You Feel You Need To Sell Your Home in Lancaster Due To Sickness or An Accident.

We have observed folks making poor selling decisions in our business over the years. We do all we can to help people avoid misjudgments. We are especially concerned for those who sell homes under pressure and lose money they would not have had to lose. Here are 4 mistakes that we hope folks going through health problems will avoid.

Mistake #1 Is Selling Your Property When You Do Not Have To Sell

When you feel the pressure of sickness and financial problems, often the first thought is getting your hands on a lot of cash fast. One option for quick cash can be your home. Do not jump too quickly. Make sure you have investigated all the other options for financial help first. A call to your local state benefits office can be very helpful. Do not ever consider this option as a handout or something to be embarrassed about. Thankfully, our government can make funds available during challenging times. There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of these funds when you have a need. Click here to apply for benefits in Lancaster, PA.

Often you can get help with food, electric and natural gas bills, health care, and more. Before you make any major decisions about selling your property to pay bills, make a call and see what options are open to you. You can also find help in Lancaster during times of financial need here.

Mistake #2 Is Attempting To Sell An Older Property In A Traditional Way With A Realtor

If you do decide that selling your property is what needs to happen, but it is an older property that needs updates and repairs, do not make the mistake of trying to do this during a tough time without calling a professional home buyer first. A professional home buyer like Awakened Properties who has a reputation of being fair and honest, can give you a cash offer on your property as-is. No repairs or updates, or cleaning is needed. Once you see the offer, you can decide if the hassle of repairs and updates needed to get top dollar through a traditional sale is worth the effort. You can learn more about the need to make repairs on your home here.

Mistake #3 is Not Being Willing To Negotiate On The Price Of Your Home.

Emotional attachments and financial needs can sometimes cause the mistake of thinking your home is worth more than the local housing market comparisons determine. A realtor or professional cash buyer either one will look at other homes like yours and in the same condition as yours and put a comparative price on your home. Adding updates and repairs can perhaps raise this possible selling price.  If you choose to wait for the higher price and make updates and repairs, you must remember to count the cost of the work as well as the extra time it will take for the process and the sale. Don’t make the mistake of holding out for some extra money unless you are sure it will be worth it in the long run.

Mistake #4 Is Trying to Save Some Realtor Fees Through a For Sale By Owner Option

If you decide that your home is worth more than an as-is cash offer will bring, you may try to cut some fees with a FSBO sale. If you are facing a health crisis, this would most likely be a big mistake. A FSBO arrangement puts a lot of extra pressure on the owner. You are not only responsible for the listings, but also the marketing of the home, the photos of the home, and showings. In addition, the negotiations with potential buyers can be stressful with no one to help you navigate those negotiations. If you truly have a health crisis going on in your home, a FSBO option would likely be a huge mistake. Here are 5 reasons not to take a FSBO option.

Avoid The Mistakes And Call Us For More House Selling Advice

Before you sell during a health crisis, please double check your options. If you do want to sell, please check with Awakened Properties in the Lancaster area especially if you are unsure about the home’s needed repairs and updates. We will make you a no-pressure cash offer that will help you better understand your options. Remember that with Awakened, we can typically close in as little as one week and you will have the cash.

You can read more about how we operate by clicking here. You can read our reviews on Google by clicking here. We wish you the best. Please call us if you feel we can be of help to you. Call  717-406-8316 or fill out the form on our website. We would be happy to talk with you more.

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