Overcome Uncompleted Construction or Renovation to Successfully Sell Your York Home

Are you unable to sell your house due to unfinished construction or remodeling projects? Despite your desire to sell, various factors such as financial constraints, increased material costs, health problems, or other reasons may have hindered the completion of your home. It’s possible that your home won’t pass inspections or might even violate local building regulations. Additionally, job loss or the need to move might prevent you from finishing what you started in your home.

Are You Stuck With A Home That Has Unfinished Construction But You Need To Sell?

One challenge that arises in these situations is that lenders typically do not approve financing for buyers when the home is still under construction or undergoing renovations. If there is construction happening without the necessary permits, lenders will not authorize a loan.

So, what options are available if you need to sell? There is even the risk of facing foreclosure. Fortunately, there are several solutions to consider. You could hire a local company to complete the project, but if you are looking to sell quickly, this can be both expensive and time-consuming. Alternatively, if you are facing financial constraints, a home equity loan might be an option to secure the funding needed to finish the project.

However, this approach also comes with its own costs and time commitments. Another option is to consult with a local professional home buyer like Awakened Properties, who specializes in purchasing homes in their current condition.

A house that we helped sell fast for cash in York, PA.
Awakened Homebuyers Buys Houses Like This One!

Professional Home Buyers Will Buy Properties With Unfinished Renovations

Regardless of the reason for the incomplete construction, be it due to errors or failed inspections, Awakened Properties is prepared to make a cash offer. The decision is yours to accept or decline. Should you accept, we can quickly finalize the sale without any additional requirements. No need to worry about maintenance, cleanup, or trash pickup – we have you covered in every aspect.

Awakened Properties Can Even Make Offers On Work That Was Unpermitted

Unauthorized construction refers to the act of making alterations to your property without obtaining the necessary permissions from the county or city. These approvals are crucial to ensure the safety of both current and future residents.

Examples of unpermitted work include renovating a kitchen or bathroom, or adding a new room without a building permit. Perhaps you believed that a permit from the city of York was unnecessary, but it was never obtained. Even if your house has unpermitted construction, we can still make you a cash offer. If any of the following situations apply to you and you need to sell your property: work has been completed or is in progress without a permit.

In many cases, we can assist you by purchasing your house in cash, as-is. The structure may be finished but poorly completed or left unfinished. We would be delighted to discuss the available options with you.

Awakened Properties in York Will Purchase An Unfinished Home

If you have multiple unfinished improvement projects, there’s a possibility that you began constructing a house but couldn’t complete it due to economic constraints or various other reasons. We can arrange a visit to your property, conduct an evaluation, and even make a cash offer for the work you’ve already accomplished. No lengthy process or commitment is required from your side. Typically, we can provide an offer tailored to your specific situation within 48 hours.

How We Operate At Awakened Properties

When we say “as-is,” we mean in ANY circumstance. You won’t have to worry about repairs, sprucing up your house, or getting it ready for showings because we buy houses in York exactly as they are. Once we purchase your house, we’ll take care of all the repairs, inspections, and finishing construction. Rest assured, we’ll consider these factors when making our offer, saving you the cost and hassle of dealing with inspectors or city codes. You don’t even have to worry about cleaning up, removing old items, or maintaining the yard. You can leave your house in its current condition and go, no matter how bad it may seem. We welcome everything, including garbage, used clothing, furniture, and disused appliances.

We are pleased to offer a home evaluation service in York. As cash buyers, we prioritize repairing and reselling homes, which is why we do not require a standard home inspection. We anticipate and understand any concerns you may have when contacting us.To learn more about our process at Awakened Properties, please visit our website here. If you believe we can assist you and would like a no-obligation offer within approximately 24 hours, please contact us today at 717-690-1055.

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