Selling a House With Code Violations in Reading PA

Homeowners know that dealing with code violations can be frustrating. It can disrupt your plans and be expensive to fix, whether you’re selling your house or not. Often, homeowners don’t understand the violation and struggle to resolve it promptly. Resolving code violations within the city of Reading can be a challenging task as it may not always be clear who to contact or what steps to take. Below are our observations based on our experience of working to address code violations directly.

Know What City Department You Are Dealing With

If you have a code violation, it is probably because of a failed inspection or an event that led the city to issue the violation. There are three departments that compromise code enforcement. The Property Maintenance Group, The Health Unit, and the Building Code Unit. The Property Maintenance Group enforces the external appearance of city properties and safety regulations related to lead paint and other hazards. The Health Unit’s primary responsibility is to monitor commercial spaces to ensure that they abide by health standards. Additionally, they have a pest control program. Meanwhile, the building code unit is responsible for providing permits for renovations and ensuring that buildings comply with the Uniform Building Standard codes. For residential issues, the property maintenance group handles upkeep, while unpermitted work is overseen by the building code unit.

Work with the City to Resolve Issues

To sell a house with code violations, it’s best to collaborate with the city and address any remaining violations. Cleaning up the exterior by removing weeds and trash can quickly resolve visual appearance violations, boosting curb appeal and eliminating past problems. Make sure you review each violation thoroughly and fix the underlying issue causing the problem. Addressing code violations can be difficult, as extensive repairs may be necessary to meet the standards.

In our experience, you can directly collaborate with inspectors to solve possible issues. You should carefully review the violations and ask the inspectors to explain the exact changes needed to remove each violation. It’s recommended to take notes of their instructions for your own records. It is recommended to bring a licensed contractor from the city to the violation inspection to help you understand the inspector’s technical language. Ensure that you receive a written and signed document from the inspector outlining the property’s specific issues. Finally, schedule a follow-up inspection with the city for after the completion of the necessary repairs.

Appeal to the City to Lift Violations

After addressing all the listed violations, you must submit an appeal to the city to lift them. An inspector will revisit your house to inspect it for any remaining issues. Keep a copy of the initial walkthrough sheet ready in case the inspector tries to add a new violation. There have been multiple instances where inspectors have found additional issues upon revisiting a situation. If the work had been completed as per the specifications, the city should lift the code violation quickly, or even immediately. You will receive official documentation regarding the matter at your address in due course.

Common Code Violations

  • The handrail height needs to be checked and adjusted if necessary.
  • Tempered windows are required for safety reasons.
  • The electrical wiring is outdated and should be updated to ensure safety.
  • The water hose/bib connections need to be inspected.
  • The old oil tanks need to be replaced with safer alternatives.
  • Adequate fire alarms need to be installed for safety.
  • Window limiters need to be added for safety reasons.
  • Drain covers need to be checked and replaced if necessary.

Price the House To Sell Quickly

Selling a house in Reading with code violations to a traditional buyer may require a significant reduction in the asking price. Most buyers prefer hassle-free homes that are move-in ready. In severe cases, lenders may not provide financing for the property. Hence, you might only be able to accept cash offers. If you have septic, zoning, plumbing or electrical problems in your property, it can raise concerns for lenders and make it difficult to sell. Instead of trying to sell it yourself, let us help you. We have the expertise to fix up your house at a lower cost than if you were to do it yourself, saving you both money and time. Contact us to find out what we can offer.

Why You Should Sell Your House Directly

If you choose to not list your house on the MLS, you can avoid the inconvenience of property showings, marketing, staging and upkeep. You can also eliminate the uncertainty of not knowing when your house will sell or what offer you will receive.Our selling process is simple and fast. You won’t have to worry about paying agent commissions or closing costs, regardless of the property’s condition.You might be surprised at how easy it is to sell your house with code violations in Reading once you learn more about your options.

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