5 Myths About Selling a Home In Lancaster

The office coffee maker, the gym, the golf course, and most definitely the internet and social media are all places where there are persistent myths that get repeated over and over until they may seem like or sound like absolute truth. There are facts and myths on every subject under the sun. Are myths harmful to you? Yes, they can be, especially if they involve important matters like your health, your assets, or the sale of your Lancaster home.

Our Goal Is To Make You Aware Of Some Myths That May Be Circulating In Lancaster About The Sale Of Your Home.

We could tackle many of these myths, but there are 5 that we particularly want to address because they could make the difference for you in how, when, and for how much you can sell your home for in Lancaster, PA.  

1. If You Wait Long Enough For The Right Buyer, You Can Name Your Own Price And Sell Your Home For Almost Whatever Price You Want.

Sadly, this is a myth. You might think a piece of real estate is very valuable. You are aware of the price you paid. It might hold sentimental worth for you, which makes the price seem higher to you. You could be aware of a neighbor who recently sold a home for an astonishingly high sum. The truth is that none of these factors are particularly significant. An expert can ensure that you are comparing like with like when comparing property prices, even though there is a degree of truth in comparison prices. Some houses that appear to be identical to yours may in fact have significant improvements or other characteristics that raise the price. In any case, to put it briefly, the price is ultimately set by the market. What is the average price that buyers of your kind of property are willing to pay? You can get assistance figuring out the true value of your home from a professional homebuyer like Lancaster Home Buyers or a real estate agent.

Awakened Properties in Lancaster
Awakened Properties Can Help You Sell Your Lancaster Home Quickly

2. Online Resources and Apps Provide Accurate Home Value Estimates

This is a partial myth or another one. Numerous publications, including this one from Howzer, show that these value estimators are nothing more than guesses. A professional realtor or property buyer has access to tools that cost money but provide data that is far more accurate. You can get a general idea from estimators like Zillow and others, but do not rely too heavily on them for accuracy. An expert should be able to provide facts to support their reasoning for arriving at a particular valuation for your home. If their justification does not make sense, you ought to fact-check home valuations with a few other experts as well. The values ought to be quite near to each other.

3. “Sell my House Fast” and “We Buy Houses” Offers Are Unfair Offers

This misconception is based on the untrue perception that occasionally professional homebuyers appear to offer less than you believe your house is worth. The extra expenses and time related to selling the property must be taken into account by the seller. For instance, at Awakened Properties, we don’t charge commission, closing, or inspection fees, and we don’t demand that the property be fixed up or cleaned up before we buy it.  If the house requires significant renovations or repairs, this might save the seller tens of thousands of dollars. If you accept our offer at Awakened Properties, we’ll move things along quickly and provide you cash, relieving the seller of a lot of tension.

4.  My House Needs So Many Updates and Repairs, I’ll Never Be Able To Sell It.  No One Wants It.

Thankfully, this is untrue, especially given the state of the housing market today. Investors are ready to buy even older homes in some degree of deterioration to flip and resell due to a low inventory of properties for sale, low interest rates, and people being on the move. Even if you have extensive roof damage, these investors are able to help with the cost of all the renovations and repairs while still offering you a very fair cash price for the home fast and with minimal inconvenience.

5. Professional Home Buyers Pressure Homeowners To Take Their Offer

Although Awakened Properties NEVER does this, some homebuyers might. We are experts in our field. kind, polite, and seeking a mutually beneficial agreement with the seller. Never will we put anyone under duress to sell to us. After inspecting the property and conducting the necessary investigation, we will submit an offer that can be accepted or refused. If the offer is accepted, things proceed extremely fast and, in contrast to the majority of traditional real estate transactions, we can provide the seller’s cash soon. We do encourage you to avoid these home buyer scams in Lancaster.

Contact us or learn more about how we operate on our website and let us know if you think we can be of assistance if you or someone you know needs to sell a property in the Lancaster region quickly for cash with no fees, no repairs, no cleanup, or fuss.  Call us today at (717) 925-7465. We look forward to talking with you.

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