The Unexpected Costs Of Selling Your Home In Lancaster (And How To Avoid Them)

Everyone requires a share of the pie. According to this proverb, the seller and the buyer frequently pay additional fees in order for many people or organizations to receive “pieces of the pie” in the majority of business transactions of any significant value. We just aren’t aware of it anymore. This is true even in modest, ordinary transactions. Purchasing a new shirt, as an example. State and municipal taxes, the store’s profit, the middleman’s profit, and the profit made by the product’s original manufacturer are often all included in the amount you pay. You can bet that if this is true on a small scale, it will also be true of pricey transactions like home sales.

Don’t Let These Expenses Surprise You When Selling Your Home

If you sell your house the conventional method, you may forfeit sizable portions of the pie. These costs may come as a big shock, especially if you have never sold a house before. We want you to be aware of these expenses and how much the pie you forgo can actually cost. Here are a few typical prices and charges.

Pre-Inspection Cost

Even if it’s not necessary, a pre-inspection is usually a good idea when selling a house, especially if it’s an older house..  According to Zillow, about 15% of home contracts fall through due to issues found by the buyer.  These concerns could be anything from termites or hidden mold to roofing or electrical troubles. A pre-inspection might help the seller identify any issues that need to be fixed or dealt with beforehand. This can speed up the sale and foster confidence with potential purchasers while maintaining the terms of the final deal.. According to Manta, the typical cost for an inspection in Lancaster, PA  is somewhere between $209 and $471 depending on the size of your home and other factors.

Realtor Commissions

If you use the services of a realtor to sell your home, or even if you choose to sell the home yourself (FSBO) but if you sell to someone who is using a realtor, you’ll probably have to pay the realtors involved a commission on the sale. Make no mistake, realtors labor for their commissions, but depending on the circumstances, their work on your behalf while selling your property may be helpful. However, there is a cost associated. According to a Clever, the average realtor fee in Pennsylvania in 2022 was 5.53% which is  higher than the national average at around 5.35%. As an example, a house selling for $200,000 in Lancaster would likely incur realtor commissions of about $11,060.  You may be interested in trying to avoid a real estate agent when selling in Lancaster.  Even if you sell your home at auction, there will be fees as well.  

Foreclosed House Lancaster
Hidden Selling Costs Can Quickly Eat Up Your Profit On a Home Sale In Lancaster

Seller Concessions

Sellers will once more find themselves in situations where they need to negotiate for the sale of their property if the housing market shifts back to more of a buyer’s advantage type market, as many experts expect for the upcoming year. In recent years, when the seller was in a better position due to the market, they could usually sell the house without making any adjustments for defects in the building. Buyers had to “take it or leave it” for the buyer in line behind them since they were so frantic to find a property they liked. However, if the market starts to change, sellers can once more find themselves having to dramatically lower their asking price due to issues an inspection found with the home. Although it’s not strictly a fee, this reduces your profit.

Vacant Home Costs

There are expenses related to a vacant home as well as other possible troubles and expenses if your Lancaster, Pennsylvania property will be empty for several months due to required repairs or for other reasons.   You should still budget for paying property taxes, as vacant homes often have higher insurance rates and ongoing heating and cooling expenses. Additionally, you can incur additional costs, even if only for an insurance deductible, as well as additional time to fix the problems if a serious issue like a leak goes unnoticed because no one is home.

Repair Costs

Before selling, older properties generally need some renovations. It can include expensive repairs to the plumbing, electrical, roof, basement, or foundation. Even small additions like new paint, carpeting, and landscaping can soon add up in terms of expense and time required to complete the project. If you choose to forgo repairs, you should be prepared to lower your asking price or see potential buyers walk away in search of a move-in-ready property. If you have excess junk in or on your property, this can also deter a buyer. Use a local Lancaster junk removal company if you’re unable to remove these items on your own.

Attorney Fees and Closing Costs

These fees include such items as title insurance, title search, deed transfer tax and more. reports that Pennsylvania has some of the highest closing costs in the nation, ranging from 1% to 7%, however they typically fall between 5% and 6%. Depending on the terms of the sale, sellers will normally cover 1% to 3% of the closing fees.

As you can see, these costs quickly pile up. You might just be considering the profit you’ll make when initially considering selling your home because it’s worth has increased since you first bought it. Even while you will probably still make a decent profit if you have a newer property after paying all of these fees, you should nevertheless be aware of them and prepare yourself for a declining profit.

An Option to Avoid These Fees

Awakened Properties in Lancaster offers the option to acquire your house in its current condition for cash. Awakened Properties might be a perfect option for you if the circumstances are right, which means that your home requires repairs, is older, needs cleaning up, or you need to sell it soon.

You will avoid paying agent fees, potential repair expenses, inspection fees, legal fees, and closing costs by selling to Awakened Properties for cash. There are NO costs or commissions, and no maintenance or cleanup is required. Additionally, we can usually complete the transaction within a week.

Read about our stellar reputation in the neighborhood. We will present you with a reasonable cash offer and remember, that it will be free of commissions, fees, closing costs or any other fees. We can give you an offer almost immediately, enabling you to also avoid your added costs of  monthly tax, insurance, or mortgage obligations. Give us a call if you’re interested in a free offer. Call us at (717) 925-7465 right now.

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