Advice About Selling Your Lancaster Home After A Serious Accident or Injury

When a serious illness or accident happens and you are under a lot of pressure and stress, sometimes decisions are made that are not well thought out. If you need cash quickly to cover expenses, one place to find it may be in selling your property. This is especially true if you have a lot of equity in your property and the accident may force you to move to a care facility or with family.

Here Is Some Valuable Advice To Help You Consider The Options When A Serious Accident Forces You To Sell Your Property

Before making quick decisions in this regard, we encourage you to talk with family and friends who can help guide you. Here are some questions you can ask to help you frame your thinking and come to good conclusions.

  1. Do I have equity in my house?
  2. How much is my house worth? Note that this answer should not be based on opinion, but on factual market comparisons in your area, and the age, and condition of your home.
  3. Can there be other options to selling? A home equity loan perhaps? Learn more about home equity loans here.
  4. What is your best guess and medical advice on what the future holds? Can you wait this out?

If the answers you are getting from family, friends, and medical professionals indicate that selling your house is best, here is some advice you will want to consider.

Do Not Get Tied Down With Repairs and Remodeling

If your house is older and you have not been able to keep it up as you’d have liked to in recent years, some may advise you to get an inspection, make major repairs, and even remodel in order to get top dollar for the property. Before you launch into this type of project, we suggest that the best advice is that you talk to a professional home buyer who can make you a cash offer with absolutely no repairs or remodel. This could save you a lot of added pressure and inconvenience during an already difficult phase of life. You can learn more about if repairs are really needed here.

Attempting to sell your house through a realtor in a traditional way without make needed repairs can be more time-consuming and costly in the long run. Often you wait for a buyer who backs out of the deal due to an inspection finding some serious repair issue. You do not have to fix it, but you will need to disclose it to future buyers who also may walk away. In addition, you have wasted valuable time in this process. Here is a guide to making repairs and some information about cost.

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Make Sure That Selling Through A Realtor Is Your Best Option When Dealing With A Serious Injury or Illness At Home

First, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a realtor. They are great people and most do a wonderful job. However, they do charge a fair fee that subtracts from your potential earnings. Selling through a realtor often also means there are photos that need to be taken of the property so cleaning up is needed. You will have multiple showings which can be inconvenient if someone is injured and cannot leave the home. And, there is typically a long time between the sale of the house and finally closing when you get your check.

This may or may not be a mistake. However, if you don’t do some investigation, the mistake is more likely. A professional home buyer can come evaluate your property. They can tell you what will likely need to be repaired or remodeled in order to get top dollar with a realtor and give you an honest estimate of what your home would sell for going with a realtor. They will also give you a cash offer for your home as-is. You can then make a wise decision about which option seems best. Here are more considerations when selling a home during under the strain of a health issue.

Further Consider The Option Of Selling Your Home For Cash When Facing A Serious Illness.

At Awakened Properties, we have a reputation in Lancaster for being honest with sellers and making fair cash deals. You can read our reviews on Google by clicking here. You can also learn more about our process here. Our process is quick, and you can usually close in as little as a week, or you can take longer if you need to. We have a compassionate and caring team and are ready to listen and give you advice on your best course of action.

Remember, there are no repairs and no remodeling to your property. There is also no need to clean up or work on the yard. We can manage all of that for you. The are no home showings to prospective buyers, no added fees, and no long wait for your money. If you feel talking with our team can help you avoid mistakes and make a good decision, please give us a call today. We want to be of help. Call us in Lancaster at (717) 925-7465).

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