5 Typical Errors in Selecting Professional Property Buyers in Lancaster

Too little too late may describe your knowledge and regret about professional property buyers.  Some people who need to sell a property fast in Lancaster may not even know the facts about professional home buyers or, worse, may have misinformation that causes them to miss partnering with a legitimate company.

You know that time is money. When you are stuck in a situation with slow-selling real estate or the possibility of a slow closing process, or the ordeal of making needed repairs to your property, professional home buyers can help in fantastic ways.  If you do not know about them or do not trust them based on rumors you have heard, you can miss out on getting your money out of a property in a timely manner.  We want to help.

Read on as we discuss five errors many homeowners have in their understanding of professional property buyers in Lancaster.

Error #1. They Have A Lack of Principle

Awakened Home Buyers Google Reviews
Google reviews are a great indicator if a business is legit or not.

One of the biggest errors that people have about professional home buyers in Lancaster is that they are unethical and do not have solid moral principles. Folks may believe that they are out with a “me first” or “win-lose” mentality toward others or toward a community. This is certainly not true of Awakened Home Buyers.  We work every day helping to revitalize and restore our neighborhood and community. We strive for and only pursue deals that are a win-win for our potential customers. Usually, you can quickly find out if a company is unethical by looking at their company reviews. If sellers aren’t talking positively about them, that means they are most likely not the best morally.

Error #2. They Are Dishonest

People needing to move property quickly in Lancaster may have heard that professional property buyers are all dishonest. While we cannot speak for every company out there, those like Awakened Home Buyers in Lancaster are honest and pride themselves on a good reputation. Like a bad mechanic in a smaller city, you cannot stay in business long if you are dishonest with people. Word spreads fast and even faster in these days of social media. If you need to sell quickly, we invite you to do your homework and check out our reputation online and with others. No reputable home buying company should be afraid of that scrutiny.

Error #3. They Are Just Cash Guzzlers

Some home buyers get a reputation of just being out for the money. At Awakened, we want to make money, but we want you to make money too. That is the best kind of business. A great company is one that helps create win-win solutions for both the seller and the buyer. We will help you understand your property selling options, guide you through the process, and make sure you are comfortable with the sitution. If we do not feel that we are your best option and you do better with a more traditional real estate selling process, we will tell you.  We promise not to pressure you either.

Error #4. They Have Hidden Fees

The next misconception homeowners have about professional property buyers in Lancaster is that hidden fees will suddenly pop out of nowhere and make the original financial advantage melt away at the last minute. There is nothing worse than getting to the closing table and having a random lien, property tax or water bill pop up. Often home buyers will simply pass this cost onto the seller last second due to the urgency of the situation. This will not happen with Awakened.  We use simple and easy-to-understand contracts, and we are honest from the beginning about the process and fees. We make sure to bring extra checks to closing to pay off any last-second fees that do arise. No title company is perfect, they often overlook certain smaller numbers that are not finalized until the day of closing. Not only will you leave closing with your money you won’t have to spend a dime more than what we agreed upon in price.

Error #5. They Have A Slow Process

The final error that homeowners have about professional property buyers in Lancaster is that the process takes way too long much like traditional real estate options. Yet, in actuality, with no need for repairs, remodeling, open houses, inspections and more our process takes much less time than traditional realtors. Realtors often brag about closing in under 45 days on a property, we are able to cut that in half through our proven process.

Do not miss the opportunity to sell your property in Lancaster more quickly without the typical bother. We invite you to check us out online and in the community.  We have great Google reviews from real people just like you.

At Awakened Home Buyers our mission is to best serve you the seller: We will not pressure you and will give you good advice on your best options based on our professional experience, the market in your area, and condition of your property. You literally have nothing to lose.  Learn about our process here or contact us today. 

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