4 Common Mistakes Home Sellers Make In Lancaster

Selling your home can be a daunting task. Especially if you have an older home, a home that needs updating or repairs, or you are trying to get the most money out of it as you can as soon as you can.  Sometimes these situations can lead to hasty and bad decisions. When homeowners make decisions without considering the consequences, they frequently discover that their assumptions were incorrect. Whether you list with a real estate agent, sell as a FSBO, or sell direct, you can use us to gather information on your behalf. We have gathered the information you need to avoid these blunders and the consequences, which may have a detrimental influence on your future financial situation. Here are 4 of the mistakes we often see home sellers make in Lancaster.

1. Avoid The Mistake Of Pricing Your Property Too High Or Too Low

Setting a price for your house is not as simple as it may appear; listing your property at an incorrect price is a costly mistake that Lancaster home sellers frequently make. An error in either direction may result in your home remaining on the market while bills continue to arrive. It could even put you in greater jeopardy for foreclosure if you are behind on your mortgage. In the past, sellers have used an over-asking price to combat lower bids. However, if the price is too high for tech-savvy purchasers who conduct first home searches via internet advertisements, they simply scroll by your listing. Additionally a property that is “over-priced” tends to attract more criticism from buyers when you do have walk throughs.

While most buyers are seeking move-in-ready homes, some people will happily snap up properties at a bargain. Those bargain hunters know their prices and when they see a property priced too low, they quickly purchase it and leave you at a financial loss. When you work with a professional buyer like those at Awakened Properties LLC, we will give you all of the information on how much money you’ll make from each of your selling possibilities so that you can make an informed decision. Our goal is to best serve you the seller in the transaction by being transparent about the price we think your house will sell for.

2. Not Paying For An Inspection

One of the most typical mistakes made by house sellers in Lancaster is failing to have a preinspection. It is worth taking the time and spending the money to do a preinspection if you are selling a home, so you’ll know what to anticipate in terms of time and money for any necessary repairs. Otherwise, if you do not sell to a professional buyer like those at Awakened Properties LLC right away, you may find yourself in the middle of a contract with your buyer attempting to qualify for a mortgage only to have the agreement terminated when the property fails an inspection. Inspectors in Lancaster are known to be stingy on certain items depending on your lender. We have found that usually the buyer’s lender will suggest an inspection company that they work with. Our go to’s in the market are WIN Home inspection out of Elizabethtown. By selling immediately to an experienced investor like us at Awakened Properties LLC, you can avoid repairs and inspections altogether.

3. Not Prepping Your Property Well

Skipping steps in prepping is another blunder home sellers frequently make in Lancaster, which only delays the sale in the long run. Consider a fresh coat of paint and flooring and appliance upgrades if you are attempting to sell your home on your own. You should also make arrangements to have all signs of your pet removed from the view of purchasers and somewhere for family members and pets to stay during showings. Sellers should also pack away any personal belongings, such as photographs or memorabilia. While you may see value in the artwork your niece made for you that decorates your fridge, buyers today want to see modern, clean spaces. To demonstrate ample space and extra items stored off-site. If the house is cluttered, de-clutter before you show the house.  If the house is empty, you might want to consider a professional staging company. The data shows that a home that has been staged sells more quickly than an empty house.

Again, you can avoid all of this by selling directly to a professional home buying company like Awakened Properties LLC in Lancaster. Here is how we work. We will make you a fair cash offer that you can compare with other options. There are no fees, closing costs, repairs and remodeling needed. Closing is quick and we will even clean up the clutter for you.

House Out in Lebanon County
A Drone Photo Of Your Property Can Help With Marketing

4. Letting Your Emotions Hamper The Sale

Unfortunately, home sellers in Lancaster frequently commit an additional blunder during negotiations, allowing their emotions to take over. While conducting business, it is best to put one’s feelings on hold. A home that has a lot of sentimental value and memories can cloud your thinking when it comes to price. Be careful not to feel disrespected by a bid that comes in considerably below the asking price, this might be difficult. Remember that the memories are yours to keep, and the house can be sold at a fair price, remodeled by someone else, and be a place for others to build memories.  

Do not make the errors that Lancaster home sellers frequently make; allow the professionals at Awakened Properties LLC to assist you in making the best decision possible when selling your Lancaster property. Contact Awakened Properties LLC at (717) 925-7465.

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